do-c sauna + sleep

About ℃

℃ is a new transit service that specializes in sauna and accommodation. Sauna, which originated in Finland, is considered as something extra in accommodation facilities and bathing facilities in Japan. On the other hand, a unique sauna culture has developed among enthusiasts.

By redefining sauna as a clean and comfortable Japanese style service while respecting the authentic Finnish method, we aim to introduce to the younger generation and the female customers who may not be familiar or had the opportunity to experience sauna, a comfortable and refreshing sauna service with ℃.

We hope that guests will be able to enjoy this service as a casual every day pass-time, and use it during their overnight stay or their resting time during the day.


The service name was taken from “℃”, a unit for “temperature”, which a key factor for a sauna experience. We offer a 24-hour transit service through “℃”, with a unique sauna experience with combination of "Löyly" and "Warm pillar (cold water)".

Hot sauna and cooling down. By repeating this procedure as many rounds as you feel, the body will generate heat from the core, through the expanding and constricting of the blood vessels, autonomic balance in the body will improve resulting in a unique fresh feeling.

To follow the authentic Finnish method, you can experience "Löyly", where you can enjoy a steam bath by throwing mint scented water on the hot sauna rocks by yourself, while the sauna room is controlled at a high temperature around 90 ℃. Please keep the sauna in good condition with good manners and mutual consideration among customers.

In addition, Instead of cold water bath, we offer a TOTO's warm pillar, whose water flow is controlled to cling to the body from overhead. You can cool down while sitting on the bench relaxed, and by choosing your favorite water temperature from 15℃, 20℃, 25℃, 30℃ and room temperature, which you can enjoy temperature changes by the seasons.

With combination of "Löyly" and "Warm pillar (cold water)", ℃ offers a unique refreshing experience which you've never had anywhere else.

How to enjoy the sauna

Along with the ability to revitalize, sauna is said to offer various health benefits including treating fatigue. Please use sensibly and properly and enjoy its benefits.